Food allergy in kids

Food allergy in kids

Nobody can think but it is possible that people gets foods allergies. Many of these belong to peanuts family. There are millions of people who are suffering from this allergy. It has become the biggest concern of people. Children population is more affected from this issue. Parents are concerned about it very much because it is get very serious sometimes.

There is no specific food which causes this problem. Different children are allergic from different type of food products. The gravity of this problem depends on child’s health, nature and the type of food from which he is allergic. The normal condition of allergy is dry cough, upset stomach and running nose but in worst state it can become a matter of life and death. If this is the case it is important for parents to judge your child carefully and look for food which is allergic for him and stop its use altogether for future. It is not easy to stop child having his favorite food if he gets affected by it, if you will not provide it to him at home he will definitely try to buy and eat it outside. So it is important that he know about his condition, talk to him or make him realize that how dangerous it would be if he tries to eat that product. These allergies can cause itching, diarrhea skin rash or asthma problem.

Food allergy in kids

There are two things which can happen from eating food which is allergic. First thing is that the kid eats it and his vocal code get swelled and breathing will get harder. It can kill in seconds before one realize what has happened. This type of allergy called laryngospasm and then there is anaphylactic which happens after two hours of eating affective food and kill a person if not get treatment in that time.

The most common allergy in all over the world is nut allergy. Almost every people now that peanuts can cause allergy to some people. These cases come in front of us every now and then because there are hundreds of food products which contains peanuts in one way or another but food companies do not mention it some of times. Some food products have dyes in it that can also be reason of allergies, which can cause learning problem or hyperactivity in kids.

Not all parents know who to get rid of this problem and safe their kids from it. There are so many natural recipes which can work to solve it. Body’s immune system reacts at eating some food that is when we get allergies. This system prevents diseases and fight with bacteria’s and keeps us safe.  

Parents can increase use of water and fish as well as the use of fruits and vegetables in their kid’s food that can help them to fight with this problem. They can use natural herbs and supplements as well. they can eliminate products with fats from their diet plan.


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