How to Match Your Shirt and Ties?

Dressing has always been an important part in everyone’s life whether we go to attend wedding party, ceremony, funeral and go to office for work. The consciousness of dressing remains with us whatever we think to wear. Dressing has been categorized in different styles; definitely for parties we wear different dresses and casually we wear different dresses. When it comes to wedding, workplace and corporate meetings we usually wear suits along with ties & shirts. Wearing suits at wedding parties, corporate functions, business meetings and in offices is very common thing and it has become a dress code to wear suits at above mentioned occasions and places. Suit represents that a person is going for wedding or it is the icon of profession. Normally, the lawyers wear suits that indicate that professionals wear suits when they are at work. Wearing of suits at wedding party represents the class of a person. One can make ideas about a person that from which class a person belongs. Despite indication of suit wearing and its class, one can simply identify the category of person by just looking the style of person who has worn suit.

Despite wearing suit, the matching of shirt & tie is a very confusing sometimes. The reason is that people do wear shirts & ties with suits to make a complete match. Probably they take time in matching shirts & ties with their suits. There is lot of variety available in suits when people wear it to make combination especially when colors, contrast and matching is concerned. In fact shirts & ties are available in many colors in the market of different brands that vary in price, range and quality. Matching shirt & tie has always been a question of confusion for different occasions. Casually people wear shirts & ties that indicate fashion and it could be any color, combination and variety depending on the choice and mood of wearer. In offices professionals wear simple or one color tie along with one color shirt. If color of shirt is simple or light; the dark color ties matches perfect with such shirt. On the other hand, when the color of shirt is dark then light color ties are used.

This is all about the game of color combination and matching that depends on the fashion and choice of wearer. Plain color ties look stunning with box or printed color shirts, but mostly people like to dark ties when they wear light color shirts such as white, grey and skin. At wedding parties and other functions, we have noticed that people wear ties having multi design colors with plain shirts. No matter what you wear, it is quite a time taking job when you are going to choose tie and shirt.

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