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Types of Street Art Done By Melbourne Street Artists

Street art comes into play when the walls of streets become a canvas. This art is famous for its notoriety as unofficial and informal art. This art is actually a form of expression that has turned from imagination to art on the walls. In this art, the common man’s thoughts are displayed and showcased on a public platform. This kind of art is now taken by many countries. This guide lets you know different forms of street art carried out by Melbourne street artists.

Tag style graffiti:

Tag style is the basic signature of a street artist. They use their name and write them in a simple or special style to sign their works. This form of graffiti work can be easily and commonly seen on street walls. As it is a simple signature, but still it may hold some messages in it.


This firm of graffiti art is also known as throw-up. In this form of graffiti art, the artist uses more than one colour on numerous surfaces of an area. Yarn bombing is another form of bombing art. In yarn bombing, plenty of yarn is involved in creating an art piece. Artists have complete knowledge in the craft of knitting and combining the yarn in different styles and designs. This form of art is used with existing pop art that provides more attractiveness and style.

Melbourne street artists

Hollow graffiti:

In this form of Melbourne street art graffiti, only outlines and shells are drawn. And as the name of this art implies, the outline is drawn, and no centre filling is taken place.


This is one of the most favourite graffiti art among street artists. It is actually an elaborate work of graffiti in which complicated pictures and depictions are used. Moreover, in this form of art, 3D effects, different colour transitions, and different effects are used. This form of graffiti art takes a lot of time, and it is carried out in a completely legal manner.


This form of art is also known as scratchitti. This graffiti art is very challenging and hard to remove. Removal of this art is done by carrying out the process of scratching and etching graffiti from the wall surface. For this purpose, knives, sharp tools, keys, or drill bits are used to remove the graffiti.

These are a few famous forms of street art done by Melbourne street artists. Visit our website for more information

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