A Checklist for Your Car’s Maintenance

Generally speaking cars are becoming our basic need and we mostly perform our routine tasks with the help of cars. To cover long distances, cars are the best transports when compared to other local transports. Apart from driving, one should do proper maintenance of car because it is the right of vehicle to get proper maintenance. Personally speaking, cars are the personal assets that need maintenance. In fact every driver is responsible for own car maintenance and it is very important for every vehicle. Maintenance of car follows many steps whereas the engine, brakes, mechanical work, suspension, hand brake, air conditioning and the most important thing is the car fuel system that needs to be repaired timely. Usually the maintenance of car must be done after one month that probably is the minimum time of checking. Some basic things must be done on daily basis that includes radiator water check and engine oil. If water in radiator is not up to the level that it demands, your duty is to fill it. Similarly, complete the engine oil when find less in the car. It has many disadvantages when engine oil is not filled after drive of 3000 kilometers, it may cease the engine of your car.

Despite basic checking and maintenance of car, the thorough checking of a car must be done at least after one month. If everything goes perfect then don’t get confused and enjoy driving of car. In case you find any problem or things don’t work properly then don’t take risk. Immediately take your car to the workshop for checking and maintenance. No doubt car works like a human body the way we eat and drink, our cars also need food in the form of oil, greasing and water. Proper maintenance of car is the food of car that is badly needed by vehicle when not functioning properly. If we discuss the major maintenance areas of car; then brake is the first thing that should always work smooth and perfect. It doesn’t mean that rest of the things in car is not important but brake is major maintenance thing that has connection with suspension area.

Other than brake and suspension area of car, the air conditioning is very important portion that should work properly because it controls the temperature of car. So, it should go perfect when you are looking for perfect drive. AC level should be perfect, so one can feel comfortable and relax when on long journey. Further one must get maintenance of spark plugs, generator belt, engine belt, coolant level, radiator cleaning and car fuel system. Everything is equally important for a car, when maintenance is required. Moreover, the well maintained car gives smooth and comfortable drive when one wants to enjoy for long tours.

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