All about dogs

All about dogs

There are more than 100 different breeds of domestic dog that live and work with people with all over the world. All these breeds are descended from just one ancestor, the wolf. But there are many other kind of wild dog as well, including wolves, foxes, jackals and coyotes.

Mostly all dogs are hunters, and most can run fast. They possess many good senses of sight like hearing, sense of smell, vision, sense of taste touch and sensitivity etc. Dogs are good detectors because of sharp sense of smell and hearing skills .their frequency range of hearing is between 16-40 Hz, having ear mobility that helps them to detect the exact location of sound and If we talk about their sense of smell they have nearly forty times more smell sensitive receptors than human .some are ranging from 125 million to 300 million. One of them is bloodhound.

All about dogs

When it comes to the intelligence of this creature, they have advance knowledge and skills. They have ability to perceive information and retain it as knowledge to solve their problems.

Nowadays dogs are playing big role in society with. Biggest role is that they are working as detectors as dogs are hunters they smell and detect the locations and their target.

They as pet are very polite, friendly and sincere. Pet are having luxurious life with humans. People with dogs describe their pet as a part of family. As all bred are hunters so pets get training for biting inhibition. As they have ability to recognize emotional human sounds they can get sincerely attached to their owner.

Dogs in medical society are also helpful. They are capable of detecting disease by sniffing a person directly or by sample of urine or other specimen. They are being trained to detect disease specifically as to train them for cancer detection they take 6 month of training.  A Labrador retriever detected 551 cancer patients with 93 % accuracy.

But, where pets are beneficial to society on the other hand they can cause health issues too. A disease being common in humans caused by roundworm present in dogs feces, condition is called toxocariasis. People can get infected by stroking an infected dog’s fur and accidentally ingesting infective eggs that may be present on the dog’s fur. It can cause disease like myocarditis, vision problems and respiratory failure it depends on where larva sticks in body. Infected person can recover if treated on time.

But still after these factors dogs are most common pet and sincere animal of society.

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