Caravans and their accessories

Caravans and their accessories

Caravans are that transportation which does look like portable homes with every accessory. People use them when they travel or go for holidays. People in USA call them trailers and motor home and in UK and Australia they are being called caravans. They are available in different types mobile caravans which can be pulled by vehicle or one a person can drive. They are being used as temporary homes. Static caravans are very different from mobile caravans because they are motionless. You will look this type in at resorts, but it is not like you can park your own at any place any time.

You can add all comforts of a home in it. It will have a bathroom which will be running properly, a kitchen with stove and ovens, eating area and sitting area. You can install TV DVD player as well as internet connection in it too. They do have their own generators and so there is no issue of electricity in it. Be careful from thieves and accidents. Your things can get ruined or can get stolen.

Caravans and their accessories

All caravans are been made by a shiny material which is called ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), it is light in weight and easily repairable. The frame will be in rectangular shape and will be placed at the front of it, covered by designed mirror. It also address the handbrake and electric leads.

It will have a roll-along container of water attached to water inlet by submersible pump. You can have a canopy like rail installed at the door or at whole length of trailer. It is called awning rail and it is to protect windows and doors from sunlight.

For sleeping you can install as many berths as members traveling in it. In case it gets unattached to from car, you can stop it at once by steel cable fixed with handbrake lever and it will have a clip attached to the other end of tow bars.

You can use butane gas which will be in a blue cylinder. It’s burns with less effort which is way it is better to heat trailer. It lighter than propane and cannot work in freezing weather. Switch regulator to change from propane to butane. The legs of motor home will be able to twist to balance it in case it leans.

A caravan can have a fold up bunk. You can open and close it according to your need. You can have a full service pitch which will include all things such as waste system water and electric supply as well as TV connection.

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