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Graffiti Artists Melbourne- Key Differences Between Urban Art and Vandalism

Many people, especially urban authorities, hate graffiti artists as they think that graffiti is not art. Instead, it is a deliberate effort to destroy the beauty of the cities. But there is a huge difference between this art form and vandalism. Graffiti artists Melbourne and other areas are concerned about this problem.

They think that they are not getting enough recognition in the societies. They argue that graffiti and urban artists need as much appreciation and praise as the other artists get. They also argue that people have wrongly associated graffiti with vandalism.

There is a very thin line between graffiti and vandalism. To know the differences between these two things, people must know about both of them.

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti is a form of modern art in which the walls are painted with different designs and sketches. This paint is very different from other wall paints. Usually, graffiti artists create different pictures on the walls. The walls are their canvas for the graffiti artists, and they paint anything they want on them.

What is Vandalism?

Vandalism is a deliberate effort to destroy public or private property. Sometimes many people take the name of graffiti to damage the beauty of different properties. They write different messages on the outer sides of the walls without even the authorities’ permission as to the property owners.

Graffiti artists Melbourne

Differences between Graffiti and Vandalism

After learning about the basic concept of graffiti and vandalism, it is now time to discuss the differences between them. There are a few key things that differentiate them.


The primary purpose of graffiti is to create a place more beautiful than ever. Graffiti artist for hire use different colours to create a sketch or picture to express their creativity or the art. They usually don’t destroy property by spraying the walls.

On the other hand, vandalism’s primary purpose is to protest against something like against the authorities by wall chalking. Those people don’t have the creative skills to create a good design. Instead, they only leave their message in the darkness of the night.

Artistic skills

Graffiti artists Melbourne use their skills to portray their message. Even if they want to raise awareness or protest, they use their own walls for that. They don’t destroy the beauty of the place by just writing a few words on them. These artists use their creativity and aesthetic sense to spread their messages. They also use different colours to create a design.

On the other hand, the people who want to destroy the beauty of a place usually don’t have the creativity and skills. They just use one colour spray and write a few words on the walls. Visit our website for more information.

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