Human Nature and Mental Health Issues

Human nature is a state of mind of an individual that vary from person to person. Every human has its own nature that differs in all aspects of life. Two people can’t think similar because the opinion of two will always be different because of nature vary from each other. Moreover, the ability to think, feel, love, hate, care and deal things will be entirely different. Human nature is basically the state of mind or built-in quality of human that every human has! Other than internal functioning of human the appearance, looks and health also differ in human. Similarly, health has two kinds physical and mental health. Physical health is based on human eating and workout activities, while mental health is inherited and it has its own capacity in human mind that directly belongs to human nature. In fact human nature and mental health go hand in hand with each other and forming strong relation. Fortunately, some people get good mental health and they achieve everything what they want to achieve in life. The role of mental health over human nature is very impactful and it can’t be ignored at all.

Mental health issues are faced by every individual because mental health is depending on human nature and surroundings of human. All our emotions and happiness is natural where society and mind plays its significant role. The nature of human is very much depending on the environment surroundings because what we perceive from society and what we see in society has ultimate effect on our mental health. Some people get good things from surroundings that have positive impact, while some get negative things from the environment and it has worse effect on mental health. If happiness is around you, definitely you will live happy, comfortable and tension free life.  But if you are living in a place where problems are in surroundings and things are not perfect. Stress and depression is the thing that can take you over, because it is a natural phenomenon that has instant effect on human mental health.

It has been noted that human becomes frustrated and irritated when goals are not achieved set by human. Depression and anxiety is the ultimate result, when goals are not achieved. Sometimes, we work hard to achieve success, but results come different and this also becomes the reason of stress. Generally speaking, the element of struggle must not be left behind because continuous struggle can bring good results, if not earlier than later. Other than hard work factor; the mental health issue is very damaging the character of a person internally or externally. Counseling is badly needed for a person facing serious mental health issues; definitely the mental health issue must be consulted when goes wrong, in fact it belongs to human nature no doubt.

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