Old and modern ways of constructing houses

Old and modern ways of constructing houses

Houses are made of different material depends on the lifestyle of people living in it and the climate of the areas. Their sizes are also different. Houses are of different kind as well, such as bungalow, apartments, studio apartments, villas, and huts. In Australian community people live in bungalow styled houses and in America, Hong Kong people prefer high-rise houses to live.  

Houses have a very long history. From ages the ways to constructing houses are changing every now and then. People are doing different experiments to build them. There was a time when the nomadic people of Mongolia lived in tents which were called gers and they were also houses for those people. They were covered in clothes and skin and decorated with colored rugs.

Old and modern ways of constructing houses

Many people with money bought the material to build them from other countries but most people still prefer to buy it from local sellers. Stones, Straws, wood, reeds, turf, and bricks are traditional material which is being used from decades for building purposes. Some people used very unique material for houses such as snow blocks, these houses are known as igloos, in arctic region. These people were known as the Inuit’s. And in Africa they were made of woven bamboo mats near Congo River. Mud-brick styled houses are very common throughout the Middle East.  Wood is the most basic stuff for them in areas with large forests. Canada and Scandinavian countries are big example of wood homes. There are many building in America made from woods which are still standing from years. In Scotland Edinburgh, there are buildings of flats standing from last 400 years.

Different communities prefer different styles which let people know about their living style and cultures. A resident may not be able to judge that but an outsider will know in one look about the styles. Typical European homes will be in rows, in pairs or in blocks as flats. This way less land will be used and it will be cheaper to buy and construct them. This style is very old. The signs of flats built by ancient Romans can still be seen in Ostia. Those were very large according to today’s flats, with many rooms but the stories were less and their maximum number was 5. The biggest flat of that time had 12 rooms but know a flat will have maximum 3 to 4 rooms and many buildings do have more than 50 stories.

A lot has been change from old times to modern era but the basic ways are still same. People still adopt old styles but they add new techniques and methods for constructing residence.

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