A little bit about golf

A little bit about golf

Golf is one of the biggest international sports. It has been played by millions of enthusiastic amateurs of all ages. Many numbers of biggest tournaments are being arranged and watched by huge TV audience in a year.

This is a play in which the player or to be précised we can say a golfer hit the ball towards a hole with a stick called clubs. Player does get lot of these clubs to choose the one which is most suitable for them. He choice of the club also depends on the shot a player wants to take. There are two types of games which a golfer can play one is stroke play and the other is match play. This can be played as individual or as pairs. Stroke play is the one in which the person or team who will be able to put the ball in hole in fewer strokes will win the match. On the other hand a match play is a game in which a golfer or a team will put more ball in the hole than other players will win. The area in which this tournaments held is called tee and it has raised grounds. One hole will be on more raised ground than other, this will be in serial according to the number of holes.

A little bit about golf

A strip of the short grass, a fairway, stretched from the tee to the smooth ground where the hole will be cut and marked with flag. Along the fairway there will be longer grass, which is known as the rough. To make the play more difficult for player there have been so many things on the ground such as trees and other hazards like bunkers of sand and streams.

A player will have to make 18 holes in full size golf course. The best strokes which will be expected from a champion are 3 to 5 and it will be a similar score for every player so the overall score of the winner will be 70 and 72.

The play last 4 days in most biggest tournaments, players play one round each day. These tournaments include every torment have four majors which are the master and the US PGA and the US AND BRITISH OPENS. The leaders of the game take part for a week in regular tours.

The royal and ancient golf club is the oldest and the guardian of golf rule present in as Andrew Scotland. It has being played in Scotland from 15th century. ryder cup is the oldest match event of this game which is being played between champions of Europe and USA. Jack Nicklaus of US is the record holder of this game. No other player has come near to his record.


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