What is asbestos and how to remove it

What is asbestos and how to remove it

Many buildings do have asbestos, especially those which were used for making materials with chemicals, thermal system insulation and much other type of materials. It was being assembled in spaces where firefighter was unable to reach such as fake ceilings, small spaces and technical ducts.  In residential buildings it was a compound o a assembled ceiling called popcorn ceiling or a cottage cheese ceiling. After some times its production was banned in USA in1978, but still many makers who have them in stock used it in houses even after they get banned, that is why the ceiling of houses built in 1986 could have them assembled. There is no way to be sure that any houses have them other then remove a part from the ceiling of the house and get it tested from a laboratory.

Its risks depend on the location and how it was applied; there are chances that it will not affect the residents of the house if it had been used with consideration. There are very much possibilities that if it cannot get removed it will not be inhaled by any person. On the other hand applying it through flocking can make it risky because its fibers drop off into the air after a time limit. They can harm those worker who use drill in the wall to make holes to install pipes and cables even if the worker stay protected the fiber can still mix up in the air and can be inhaled by any other person living in that building.

What is asbestos and how to remove it

These fibers can easily be made into airborne dust and this process is called friable. Different countries have different laws applied for asbestos removal when someone hire a company for the removal process make sure that it can provide some important documents which are precise asbestos civic and company accountability insurance, if license is required according to the countries rules, workers must have been trained in last 12 month including supervisors, Medical examination of all workers.

It is important for residents to shift to any other place for some time while the removal process is going on. To prevent infective to move to other areas of the building it is important to seal the part of it where this process is happening.  Polyethylene film, duct tape and negative pressure machines which are fitted or HEPA filters commonly being used to seal those specific areas. The reason of doing all things is that to get fresh air in and do not let the fibers go out.

There is a special vacuum cleaner design just for the cleaning after the removal process. Ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot be used because they will spread the fibers in the air. There are many new methods that are being used for this process. Just hire an expert and you will get the results.

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