History of wine fermentation

History of wine fermentation

The word Wine has been come from a Latin vinum. It has been named to an alcoholic drink made by fermented grapes and other fruits without adding any acids, sugar, nutrients, water and enzymes, because of some natural chemicals balance there is no need for all the elements in wine. To make it yeast get used to consume the natural sugar present in grapes and convert it into carbon dioxide and ethanol.

Grapes are being produced in different varieties and because of that wine varies to. Pour of yeast also change the style of wine. These variants come after biochemical chemical development, the terroir, the reactions involved in fermentation and the subsequent appellation. All this process is very complex. People do very hard work to make wine.

History of wine fermentation

There are lots of evidences of wine from old times. Its traces in the form of 8000 old jars of wine were found first in the country of Georgia. And in iron the jars were found which were 7000 years old. In northern chains, grapes known as hawthorn or wild grape were being used for it. Archaeologists have also find pottery jars which are 9000 years old. In 4500 BC ancient Romans, Greeks, and people of Thrace consumed it for their festive. Armenia within the Areni-1 winery in 2007 discovered in earliest production of wine in 2007, this company is considered the oldest in the history of wine. Archaeologists stated in 2003 that rice is being mixed with grapes for the production of mixed drink. Use of other fruits depends on the native in which it is being produced. Chanakya is the oldest grape wine in India it was named after the chief minister of that time and was first produced in late 4th century BC.

The classification of wine depends on states which are manufacturing it. Europeans classified their drink with the name of their areas or states such as Rioja and Chianti but outside Europe wine get classified by grapes. But in recent time people are classifying it through grape more often. Some blended names are being governed by trademark law not by wine law. Some commercial of wine with blended name only get permitted to run with special agreements with Meritage associations.

After getting prepared wine get tested which means it gets examined and valued. There are many compounds present in it same as fruits, vegetables and other spices. Many companies suggest different thing to consume it some suggest to let it be after opening the bottle for some time, it will blend the texture and taste of it properly if it is newly made.

Different type of wine has different taste and the ways to serve them also varies according to their kind and fruits involved in it.


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